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Hand-picked Partners
Some people might call us choosey. At Fisher Capital, we like to think of our approach as savvy. We select partners in niche businesses that employ a highly talented and intelligent management team that already knows how to run their business wisely.

Once we agree to provide equity to a carefully selected client, we consider them a long-term investment. That means we agree to be as active or as hands-off as they prefer we be, but we support them—just like family—through every bump in the road.

The Value of Flexibility
While our style is flexible and creative, our business decisions are typically conservatively structured with an eye towards mitigating risk. As we aren’t known to throw our hat in the ring with everyone else, we are careful to only invest in the opportunities that match our performance objectives, work style and business ethics.

We typically look for investments whose value proposition is easy to understand. Consequently, we tend to focus on traditional businesses and real estate projects that are not dependent upon “blue sky” or leading-edge technologies. This said, our experience has shown that selecting good partners with talent and integrity is a winning formula, regardless of the industry.


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