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We’ve found that smaller private companies that work in traditional mediums are our ideal fit. While Fisher Capital typically invests in straightforward industries such as light manufacturing, consumer products/services, and financial services, we occasionally look at other businesses that we feel constitute a unique product or service and add value to our portfolio.

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Private Equity Investments—project profiles

Castle Pines Capital LLC
Castle Pines Capital is a channel finance provider based in Englewood, CO. Fisher Capital provided equity as well as a working capital line of credit that enabled the company to begin working with its principal customer. These capital resources allowed Castle Pines to get to work within a short timeframe which would have been otherwise delayed using traditional banking alternatives. Visit Castle Pines Capital

Krage Manufacturing
Based in Pueblo, CO, Krage Manufacturing was a start-up sheet metal fabricator, which because of its infancy status was not a candidate for conventional bank financing. Fisher Capital provided both equity and debt financing which enabled Krage to meet the tight deadlines set by its main customer. We also provided Krage with full accounting services, which enabled our partner to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of the business. Visit Krage Manufacturing

Believing in the long-term vision of CartaSite’s management team, Fisher Capital led a successful secondary round of funding for this Denver-based asset- and vehicle-tracking service. Fisher Capital committed to a substantial equity investment and provided a sizable convertible debt financing in less than 14 days. Our quick decision-making process enabled the CartaSite management team to focus on the business of the company rather than spending time fundraising. Visit CartaSite

Peak Cablevision
Recognizing the value potential in bringing advanced telecommunications services to smaller U.S. cities, Fisher Capital partnered with experienced cable television veterans to establish a new company. Peak Cablevision was a multiple-system cable television operator based in Denver. At its height, the company operated systems in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Utah, Arizona and Nevada; served 115,000 customers; and maintained 225 employees. Fisher Capital owned a substantial interest in the company and managed all operational activities until the company was sold in 1999.

Partnering with local management, Fisher Capital helped provide funding for the buyout of an established business from its founder. Denver-based Topperscot manufactures Christmas ornaments and other related holiday items—available nationwide via the Internet, from mass merchandisers and through specialty gift shops—and maintains licensing agreements with all the major sports leagues, allowing them to sell logo products for the leagues. Visit Topperscot


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